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I Stop Somewhere


I Stop Somewhere

TE Carter’s debut novel, I STOP SOMEWHERE, hits shelves on Tuesday, February 27th. I STOP SOMEWHERE is beautifully written, but heartbreaking and devastating. It is truly shocking that I STOP SOMEWHERE is only TE Carter’s first published novel.

Ellie Frias spent middle school in her quiet town of Hollow Oaks being bullied by her peers. The summer before her freshman year of high school (at a different school than her tormentors are attending), she decides to reinvent herself, to make herself invisible. With the help of her neighbor, Kate, who recently graduated from the school Ellie is about to attend, she finds the right clothes, the right hairstyle, and the right way to blend in. Soon after starting high school, a junior, Caleb Breward, takes notice of her. Eventually the two of them begin to date, and everything seems great. But when worst thing imaginable happens, few search for her. Ellie watches her assault happen over and over again, to many different victims, but justice is far away.

"I STOP SOMEWHERE by TE Carter is a devastating and incredibly well written of the most important books of our time and we must listen to its message."

In I STOP SOMEWHERE, there is frequent discussion of what it means to be a girl. Ellie comments on things like posters, clothes, even behaviors that all go into “what it means to be a girl” in our society. This commentary made I STOP SOMEWHERE even more interesting and important. Not only does it delve into issues like sexual assault, but it also discusses other issues, like gender stereotypes (particularly those applying to girls) that are very relevant right now.

Ellie Frias is another incredibly interesting part of I STOP SOMEWHERE. She is a strong, detailed character who is very honest and extremely well written. Her desire to blend in is one that is common among many teens and helps to make her a very relatable character. Ellie tells the story of her family and the broken town of Hollow Oaks, New York, in a genuine and personal way that makes the reader understand her as a character. Even though she berates herself for being weak and for having the wrong clothes, the wrong behaviors, and the wrong body type, any reader can see her for who she truly is. Ellie Frias is a strong teenage girl trying her best to stay afloat in a difficult world. TE Carter does an excellent job of introducing the reader to Ellie’s insecurities without making the reader pity her. Ellie Frias, the protagonist and narrator of I STOP SOMEWHERE, is a multi-faceted character who never ceased to make the story interesting and I, as a reader, never stopped rooting for her and caring about her.

A very important part of I STOP SOMEWHERE is its discussion of rape and the way sexual assault allegations are treated by society and the media. I STOP SOMEWHERE tackles this very relevant issue in an honest, and difficult way. This is not a lighthearted book and it deals with this topic in a very serious way. Although it was slightly frustrating at times, I STOP SOMEWHERE has a necessary call to action: we need to work as a group to change the way victims and allegations of sexual assault are perceived. With the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements just popping up, I STOP SOMEWHERE is a wonderfully written, important narrative to add.

I STOP SOMEWHERE by TE Carter is a devastating and incredibly well written book. However, it is by no means a quick read. Due to the sensitive subject matter, it did take me a while to finish reading, but I would recommend I STOP SOMEWHERE to any reader who is in the right state of mind to read a book like this. I STOP SOMEWHERE by TE Carter is one of the most important books of our time and we must listen to its message.

Reviewed by Ansley K., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2018

I Stop Somewhere
by TE Carter