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Immortal Reign: A Falling Kingdoms Novel


Immortal Reign: A Falling Kingdoms Novel

Princess Amara has the one thing she has always wanted: control. She has framed her brother, Ashur, for the murder of her family and has successfully conquered the land of Mystica. However, the war is not over yet. Four dangerous elemental gods seek rule of not only Mystica, but the world, and have possessed Cleo, Nic, Taran and Olivia in order to take over. Too scared to take action when action is called for, Amara leaves Ashur, Magnus, Lucia, Jonas and the possessed to fight the elemental gods by themselves. As Cleo, Nic, Taren and Olivia attempt to take back control over their bodies, Lucia and Jonas explore the power between them, Magnus dabbles in death magic and Ashur’s feelings for Nic grow stronger. It’s all coming down to one final battle, and if the elemental gods aren’t defeated all hope will be lost forever.

"The Falling Kingdom series [is] one of my favorite fantasy series....It was a wild ride that left me always wanting the next one and has given me many wonderful reading memories."

I have been reading the Falling Kingdoms series for years and have grown with the characters. I absolutely loved the first three books, reading them over a month and giving them all five stars. After that, I had to wait for the fourth, fifth and sixth to be released. With those books, I have been seeing a decline in my enjoyment of the series. I gave the fourth one four stars, the fifth one three stars and now I am giving IMMORTAL REIGN three stars as well.

This is the sixth book of a six-book series, so there has been loads of plotlines, characters and character development throughout the books. That being said, I saw a lot of plotlines repeated in different characters. For instance, in two separate kingdoms there are evil kingdoms, harsh fathers and a fight for the throne. While this may sound typical, after I read the two plotlines back to back I couldn’t help but rightly predict what was going to happen because it had just happened before. There was also an incredible amount of love triangles --- and even love squares. It seemed like every character had fallen in love with each other at some point and it was no longer entertaining.

Still, I do like that this is an older young adult fantasy series, more aimed toward ages 16+ since the characters are more adults than teenagers. One thing I have really enjoyed in this series is the exploration of sexuality in characters and the LGBT romances that take place. This series also deals with things like marriages, pregnancies and harsh family relations between the characters that are discussed in detail since there are multiple points of view.

After finishing the last book in the series, I honestly wish there was another book in the series. IMMORTAL REIGN left me with an unsatisfied ending that left me with a number of questions. Yet, I can still call the Falling Kingdom series one of my favorite fantasy series, if not one of my favorite series ever. It was a wild ride that left me always wanting the next one and has given me many wonderful reading memories.

Reviewed by Reanna Hensley on March 12, 2018

Immortal Reign: A Falling Kingdoms Novel
by Morgan Rhodes