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Look Closer


Look Closer

Stewart Lewis is an acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and has written many books that are relatable to teenagers. Stewart is most famous for his book titled YOU HAVE SEVEN MESSAGES. In addition, he is known for his books titled STEALING CANDY and THE SECRET INGREDIENT. Books similar to LOOK CLOSER are MY GRANDMOTHER ASKED ME TO TELL YOU THAT SHE IS SORRY by Fredrik Backman and OUT OF THE DUST by Karen Hesse.

Ever since Tegan’s father died overseas in military action Tegan has not been herself at all. She used to be the best on the swim team and looked forward to heading off to college and going to the Olympics but, almost as if by the snap of a finger her attitude and personality changed. Tegan became the outcast, isolating herself from everyone except her best friend who is spending the summer in California. To top it off Tegan’s mother just got remarried and Tegan disapproves of it claiming that even though her mother is happy she still isn't.

"As a reader, I enjoyed this book completely and could not think of anything that could have been changed to make it better than it already was."

One day, while eating her cereal, she sees that the letters on the box are forming the name of a man. Later when Tegan watches the news she realizes that the man died when a building collapsed. Tegan, thinking she had been delusional thought nothing of it until she saw another name in her windowsill, Tom Elliott. This time she reacts by doing a search of all people in her region and is able to locate where Tom Elliott lives. Sure enough, he goes walking out onto the street and Tegan follows him.

Tom ends up going to a train station and as Tegan watches in horror he jumps off the platform right in front of a train and dies. Even though she is traumatized from this experience, she attends Tom’s funeral because she feels responsible for his death. While there she meets Tom’s best friend, Edge, and together they form a close bond.

Tegan starts seeing name after name and eventually she tells Edge about it and together they go out doing their best to save other people’s lives. In the midst of it all, Tegan learns to accept that no matter what happens you cannot let something stop you to reach your fullest potential. In addition, she slowly begins waking up and enjoying life again once more now that she has found a good purpose.

When I first started reading this book I was not sure where it was going to lead to but as I continued to read it became more interesting and intriguing. As a reader, I enjoyed this book completely and could not think of anything that could have been changed to make it better than it already was. In addition, this book was a great example to show that no matter how many bad things happen to you, you can always get back to your feet and to where you were.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is fond of books with action, cliffhangers, romance and suspense. LOOK CLOSER definitely was a page-turner to read that made me wonder with anticipation about what would happen next. In addition, I strongly suggest this book because not only was a good book to read but it also carried an important message.

Reviewed by Ian R., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2019

Look Closer
by Stewart Lewis