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Lucky in Love


Lucky in Love

Maddie believes the chances of her being struck by lightning are higher than her winning the lottery, and statistically speaking, they are. However, on the night of her eighteenth birthday, she decides to buy a lottery ticket after being pestered by a clerk at her local convenience store. To her surprise and the total shock of everyone else around her, she ends up winning 50 million dollars. Gone are all of Maddie’s old problems. She can afford to pay for any college she wishes to attend, she can pay off her family’s house and any financial strains that cause her parents to fight and she can pay all her older brother’s student loans so that he can return to college.

What Maddie does not expect, though, is for new problems to arise with her victory. All of a sudden, both people she barely knows and the people she loves the most are asking for financial favors. Her closest friends seem to be treating her differently know because of her millionaire status. Worst of all, Maddie does not know who to trust anymore, especially after making the mistake of trusting almost everyone at first. The one reprieve she has from all this newfound stress is Seth, the cute guy she works with at the zoo. Seth treats her like any other girl, oblivious to her lottery win --- and Maddie plans on keeping it that way.

"West stayed true to her light-hearted, sweet style of writing, delivering an absolutely adorable romance that also addressed race, which I appreciated. "

As a huge fan of Kasie West’s writing, I had high expectations when going into this book, and they were definitely surpassed upon finishing it. West stayed true to her light-hearted, sweet style of writing, delivering an absolutely adorable romance that also addressed race, which I appreciated. One of the main characters, Seth, is Asian American and he discusses the questions and comments he receives that makes him feel less American. As a fellow Asian American, I found this dialogue all too relatable and loved how West incorporated a racially diverse character into one of her novels. I think it is important for readers to be exposed to topics like this, which demonstrate how a seemingly innocent question can be insulting. Comments about race and culture only make up a very small portion of the novel, however, and do not overwhelm the reader; the vast majority of the dialogue, on the other hand, details the undeniable chemistry between the protagonist, Maddie, and her love interest.

LUCKY IN LOVE is fairly predictable, but I personally think it is refreshing to read a novel like this from time to time --- one without any shocking plot twists. At the same time, this is a fast-paced read, making it far from dull. On that note, this novel would make the perfect beach read, or something to pick up if one wants to simply smile and relax. What I enjoy most about this novel is how realistic it is. If one were to hand an 18-year-old 50 million dollars, chances are she would spend some of it unwisely (no matter how sensible and goal-oriented she is), and West stayed true to this concept. Maddie could be a little too naïve at times for my liking, but her bubbly, lovable friends made up for her character flaws.

All in all, this heartwarming, swoon-worthy tale by Kasie West is sure to please fans and new readers alike. Maddie is a relatable protagonist, Seth is the perfect guy and their story is sure to make readers grin from the first page to the last.

Reviewed by Niraja S., Teen Board Member on July 28, 2017

Lucky in Love
by Kasie West