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Moon Spun: Book Three of Unbidden Magic


Moon Spun: Book Three of Unbidden Magic

Alfrieda Carlotta (“Allie”) Emerson is a teenage girl with many responsibilities and a busy life. Even during summer vacation, there is never a dull moment, what with having to take care of her well-meaning but flaky mother, work at her uncle’s fruit stand, and babysit her mother’s new boyfriend’s young son. But Allie’s problems just begin there --- she ends up unintentionally mooning the entire town of Peacock Flats, thus going down in the history of the town in a way she never intended, and her snarky aunt and cousin hate her even more than usual. Her mother Faye, with whom she shares a tiny trailer that is parked in her uncle’s yard, has just started dating none other than Allie’s principal, Mr. Hostetler. The young boy whom Allie watches, Chad Hostetler, insists that he himself is a changeling and that Allie is a faery.

While other mortals might be fazed by the knowledge that they are part faery, Allie is no stranger to the mystical. She has recently learned that she was part of a special group known as the Star Seekers, one of whom turns out to be her own estranged father. As a Star Seeker of exceptional abilities, Allie received a moonstone necklace with incredible powers that she must keep out of the hands of the deadly Trimarks, who are sworn enemies of the Star Seekers.

On top of all this, Allie has boy troubles. Junior, Allie’s ex-boyfriend, is back from Mexico with an entourage of smitten women --- and a fabulous gift for Allie. Should Allie accept his gift? Does it come with any strings attached? Why does Junior’s mother insist that Junior is giving up a lucrative career in TV and movies to move back home to be near Allie?

Beck Bradford, her half-demon boyfriend, has left for college where he is busy healing a new girl with problems of her own. Since his father was a lust demon and Beck’s healing involves a lot of touching, Allie isn’t sure healing is all that is going on between Beck and the new girl. After all, Beck’s sister Nicole insists that Beck has a new girlfriend, and Beck’s mother has been giving Allie pitying looks.

But with Allie, when she loses one guy, another equally cute one is always on the horizon. A handsome and mysterious stranger by the name of Ryker soon appears in her life. He calls her “Ava,” which he informs her is short for “Avalon,” her faery name. He tells her that he is a shape-shifting faery who has been sent by Faye’s mother Melia from Boundless, the land of faeries and pixies. Allie learns that she herself is the princess of the faeries.

Allie has always believed that her grandmother died when Faye herself was a young girl. Ryker tells her that not only is Melia not dead, she is in fact a faery ruler in exile who needs Allie’s help in freeing her people from the evil Phaedra. While Ryker is charming, Allie is not sure she can trust him fully. If she follows him to Boundless as she would like to, how can she ensure her safe return home? After all, the faery are known to be a tricky race, and time in Boundless is different from time at home. Could she fail to find her way back home?

The third book in Marilee Brothers’s Unbidden Magic series is part paranormal suspense and part young adult romance. Allie is a plucky young girl with supernatural powers who learns more of her family’s history and of her own abilities in MOON SPUN. She has grown up poor and somewhat neglected, without a father figure in her life and with an irresponsible mother. The glimpses of her life in a trailer in the little town of Peacock Flats were some of the most interesting sections of the book for me. She appears practical, brave and resilient in facing both mundane and earthly, as well as paranormal, troubles. Some of her resilience shows up in her reaction to romantic setbacks as well. Unlike other teen heroines who pine away for their lost boyfriends, Allie is pragmatic, essentially optimistic, and quick to bounce back.

While I did not always enjoy the detailed descriptions of the battle in Boundless, MOON SPUN overall is an enjoyable read. The cliffhanger ending will leave fans eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.


Reviewed by Usha Reynolds on October 18, 2011

Moon Spun: Book Three of Unbidden Magic
by Marilee Brothers

  • Publication Date: July 1, 2010
  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Paperback: 246 pages
  • Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
  • ISBN-10: 1935661957
  • ISBN-13: 9781935661955