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June 2015

June's round up includes bestselling Shopaholic author Sophie Kinsella’s first foray into YA, FINDING AUDREY, which follows a girl with an anxiety disorder on a sweet romantic journey; INK AND ASHES by Valynne E.

Erasing Memories

We all have those memories that we cherish --- our first kiss, our trip to China, or that time we got a standing ovation at our piano recital or scored the final goal of a tied soccer game. But we all have some peskier memories, too --- some that are heartwrenching, scary, embarrassing or just plain awful. What would you do if you had the opportunity to erase those memories? Would you do it?

Authors Maggie Lehrman and Adam Silvera each explore that question in their new young adult books THE COST OF ALL THINGS and MORE HAPPY THAN NOT, respectively. When Ari’s boyfriend dies in THE COST OF ALL THINGS, she buys a spell to erase the memory of him. And when Aaron --- a boy whose father committed suicide and who has a loving girlfriend --- falls in love with Thomas, a kid from his neighborhood, he decides to undergo Leteo Institute’s memory erasing procedure to forget that he’s gay.

We decided to ask Maggie and Adam some questions about their books --- and their own memories --- below. Check out their answers below, and the books themselves!