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No One Here Is Lonely


No One Here Is Lonely

To Eden Paulsen, her world has changed more than she could have ever imagined or dreaded. Ever since the recent death of her high school friend and crush, Will, everything she had planned changes in perspective as the things she had taken for granted seems to be slipping away. Even her best friend, Lacey, is a different person and decides to spend her first summer away from Eden. Without her older sister around to support her, Eden feels completely lost and wishing for Will. Burdened by the missing pieces and confused about her future after graduation, she finds solace in the “next-best-thing”: Will had created a version of himself through a service called In Good Company that creates digital companions for lonely or grieving loved ones and people around the world. Through In Good Company, Eden can hear his voice and rejoice in the Will who she can feel is still there.

"With a strong concept and intriguing turn of events, NO ONE HERE IS LONELY definitely pushed and pulled at my emotions."

With the new Will by her side, Eden ventures back into summer. She gets a new job and can feel almost happy without Lacey. A family crisis, new friends, a new job and a new outlook circle around Eden as she navigates a world with the new Will. People who she thought she knew change and Eden begins to realize the real reason for her decisions, and she begins to realize the power of believing in her real self.

With a strong concept and intriguing turn of events, NO ONE HERE IS LONELY definitely pushed and pulled at my emotions. Eden had already been through the crazy course of being a teenager, but the way her life flipped and turned was almost too much to handle. I was pulled in from the beginning and I never lost interest. I couldn’t believe how well I could relate to some of the characters. Her position of being a middle child lost in a “perfect” family was a strong and recognized idea for me and I know many other readers. Being told through Eden’s perspective, I was able to develop a close relationship and I was able to recognize the relationships around her. One of my favorite parts of the book was the characterization of Eden and her development.

Sarah Everett was also great about making the most of Eden’s situations. When I started the book I predicted a more boring and pitying experience of Eden and how her friends treated her. But as I read on I noticed how emotionally powerful her situation was.

Noticing these strengths, I would have to conclude that the book was a genuine yet simple story. It pulled me in through the end and I would read it again if the opportunity came. However, I wouldn’t pour my heart out to the story and go on forever. For any reader looking for some simple comfort or a heartwarming tale of a girl who lost then found herself, Sarah Everett’s novel is perfect for you. From my experience, it’s hard to find a compelling enough novel for teenage realistic fiction on a story of grief and love. NO ONE HERE IS LONELY left me smiling.

Reviewed by Lillian B., Teen Board Member on February 13, 2019

No One Here Is Lonely
by Sarah Everett