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Nobody's Secret


Nobody's Secret

What would you do if a stranger suddenly turned up dead in your pond…and then turned out to be the “Mr. Nobody” you had met a few days before? A young Emily Dickinson knows exactly what to do, and sets out on a mission to discover the identity of this “Mr. Nobody” and the reason behind his murder. In a daring yet small town murder mystery, Emily goes on the investigation of her life and writes some poetry in the midst of it all.

An entertaining journey.

NOBODY’S SECRET by Michaela MacColl is an entertaining journey into the small town of Amherst in 1846 and the fictional life of the young poet Emily Dickinson. A story of family, mystery and the disparity between appearances and reality, NOBODY’S SECRET is a good, if predictable, read.

Reviewed by Emily P., Teen Board Member on March 5, 2014

Nobody's Secret
by Michaela MacColl