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Our Dark Duet


Our Dark Duet

Victoria Schwab has just come out with her sequel to THIS SAVAGE SONG titled OUR DARK DUET. This isn’t her first time writing young adult novels and probably not her last. Schwab has also written young adult books like THE NEAR WITCH and THE ASH-BORN BOY. Some of her adult novels include VICIOUS and A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. When Schwab is not writing a new book, she enjoys hanging out in a coffee shop or giving into her wanderlust by just wandering through Paris streets and English hillsides. Plus you can view her travels and adorable cats on her Instagram!

At the end of THIS SAVAGE SONG, August is preparing for his first day at FTF, Kate is driving away from Verity, and Sloan is revived by a new Malchai --- Alice. War is coming. In OUR DARK DUET, war has come, and it’s not pretty for FTF. Alice and Sloan are wreaking havoc on North City with the help of the fangs --- the humans who decided to serve the Malchai, and South City has become refugee center and a military base. During all of this chaos, August is struggling between his position as a leader of Alpha squad in FTF and wanting to be human.

"OUR DARK DUET manages to have an epic build-up and an even more epic battle..."

Meanwhile Kate has taken her mother’s maiden name and is surviving in Prosperity with the help of the wardens. The wardens help Kate hunt monsters on the street. However, after one chance encounter with a monster, Kate is drawn back to Verity. However, things get tough once she’s back. The new Sunai --- Soro --- doesn’t trust her. In fact, almost everyone doesn’t. August and Kate’s relationship isn’t doing so well either. Kate doesn’t even recognize August.  Will their friendship survive? And even more important, will Verity ---and the rest of the world --- manage not to be devoured by the Malchai and Corsai?

OUR DARK DUET by Victoria Schwab is an excellent ending to the Monsters of Verity series. I felt like the ending to the book and the duology is both realistic and right. The characters have grown with the duology as a whole, and the new characters are great as well. I’m always worried about the battles because there’s always an extreme build-up, and in some of the books I have read, the build-up is more epic than the actual fights. OUR DARK DUET manages to have an epic build-up and an even more epic battle --- which I’m pretty sure everyone can appreciate. The villains, Sloan and Alice, are so creepy and honestly some of the best antagonists I have read. OUR DARK DUET puts a whole new meaning into dark fantasy.

If you are going to read OUR DARK DUET by Victoria Schwab, you have to read THIS SAVAGE SONG first --- obviously. But this book is for those who thoroughly enjoy dark fantasy books. If you have read any of Schwab’s books --- including the adult books --- you would like this book. While THIS SAVAGE SONG is a little lighter, OUR DARK DUET goes back to its deliciously dark roots.

Reviewed by Rebecca D., Teen Board Member on July 9, 2017

Our Dark Duet
(Monsters of Verity #2)
by Victoria Schwab