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Plague Land


Plague Land

Alex Scarrow, bestselling author of the TimeRiders series, writes an intense and eerie tale in PLAGUE LAND --- the first in a new apocalyptic horror series. PLAGUE LAND follows the story of Leon, a teenage boy who sets off through the English countryside in search of safety from a deadly virus that has ravaged the world.

When reports of a mysterious illness in Africa beginning to pop up in the news, no one in London blinks an eye --- except for Leon. Against his mother’s reassurances that there is nothing to be concerned about, Leon can’t help but worry as he dives deep into conspiracy theory websites that all say the government is covering up a dangerous virus that is spreading across the entire African continent. Soon enough, Leon’s worst fears come true when the sickness reaches England. With no time to spare, Leon, his younger sister, and his mother flee to the isolated English countryside in hopes of finding shelter from large virus-infected cities. However, this isn’t any normal virus. It’s airborne, it’s moving and it’s not from this planet.

"Full of absolute thrills and chills, PLAGUE LAND is the perfect novel for fans of the 5th Wave series or readers looking for a quick fun dystopian horror read."

PLAGUE LAND is a brilliant novel that I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did. This novel was so much fun to read, and it was exactly the type of book that I could easily read in one sitting. Its first few pages immediately captured my attention, and I was kept enraptured throughout the entire story. The plot was so unpredictable and fast-paced. To my surprise, this novel went to some extremely dark and gruesome places, which had me dropping my jaw and leaving me in complete shock for a long time after the fact. Scarrow’s writing was also pretty gory, which I am typically not a fan of at all, but I felt that everything was really well written, and as a result, it didn’t bother me, which is a rather rare and amazing thing.

The entire concept of the virus was absolutely fascinating to me. I can’t recall ever reading an apocalyptic or epidemic-centered novel like this before, and I loved the uniqueness of it all. In a way, the virus is its own character with its own perspective. Throughout the novel, readers primarily follow the perspectives of Leon and various other people throughout the world who come into contact with the virus, but there are also a few chapters that focus in on the perspective of the virus itself as it begins to destroy the world, which was freaky, yet very creative and intriguing.

The only lacking aspect of this novel to me was that the characters seemed somewhat basic and impersonal at times. There wasn’t anything particularly bad or cringy about them, but I didn’t feel as if there were anything memorable about them. In a way, some of the characters were very boilerplate-ish. For example, there was the typical dull teenage boy, adorable little sister, outcast girl who hates other girls and absolute jerk who everyone will despise. Overall, I don’t think it’s a major issue, though. The plot dominates the book, and readers will be so addicted and enthralled by it all that I don’t think anyone will mind the problems regarding the characters once they are immersed in the storyline.

Full of absolute thrills and chills, PLAGUE LAND is the perfect novel for fans of the 5th Wave series or readers looking for a quick fun dystopian horror read. With its riveting plot and gripping writing, readers will not want to miss PLAGUE LAND.

Reviewed by Makayla H., Teen Board Member on February 20, 2018

Plague Land
by Alex Scarrow