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Proof of Lies

“There are moments in your life when you know that everything is about to change. Time isn’t whizzing by, your mind isn’t in a blur, you’re in it, living it, and you know, consciously, that your world will never be the same again. You will never be the same again. And I knew, somewhere in the hollow of my being, that this was one of those moments. I could feel it in every follicle of hair, every cell of skin. I had never been more awake or alert in my life. And I didn’t want to open that door….

“Say it,” I insisted, stiffly wiping my tears.

Keira breathed a long inhale, then pressed her hands into a prayer position at her lips. Pain hung in the air between us. This was the last moment of my normal life, of our normal lives. I knew it, as surely as I knew it was Friday, March 8th.

“They’re…they’re dead,” Keira said.

And that was it.

The next evening, Keira moved out of the dorms and back into our brownstone. She planned their funerals. She bought our groceries. She fought with social services. She became my mom, my only family left.

And now it was my turn.

Now she needed me.

Keira was missing, and I had to find her.”

Proof of Lies
by by Diana Rodriguez Wallach