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The Renegades are a group of humans with abilities that mark them as prodigies. After the defeat of the villain group known as the Anarchists, the Renegades are considered heroes. But a small group of Anarchists are still out there plotting against the Renegades, waiting until they can strike back and tear down the group that defeated them years ago.

Marissa Meyer, best known for her Lunar Chronicles series, has so far written two books apart from the series, HEARTLESS, a book about the Queen of Hearts, and RENEGADES. Meyer’s writing is just as stellar as it was during the Lunar Chronicles. RENEGADES follows Nova, alias Nightmare, who grew up with the Anarchists. Though the Anarchists are considered the villain group in the story, Nova’s thoughts on how society should be were not that different from the Renegades’ vision, and I was curious throughout the book on the different thought processes about prodigies and humans without abilities. While trying to take down the Renegades from the inside, Nova meets Renegade Adrian, whose adopted dads are the leaders of the Renegades. Adrian also has some secrets of his own, but his main mission is to discover who killed his mother years ago and to get Nova to go on a date with him.

"Fans of superheroes or villains will love this book. Thought it may look...big...I flew right through it in three days. There is action, romance and mystery all wrapped into one...."

As a semi-superhero fan I loved all the different gadgets that the villains and superheroes used and learning about everyone’s different powers was so interesting. Generally I don’t read comic books but I do watch Marvel and D.C. movies so reading RENEGADES was like a book version of a movie that I would love to watch. There were various plot twists in the book, especially towards the end, that I mostly all saw coming and the ending of the book did intrigue me enough that I will definitely be reading the second and final book. The book was very fast-paced and the events kept unfolding one after the other. The tension during the parts where Nova’s identity was almost compromised were so suspenseful and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if the Renegades would catch on that she was actually an Anarchist. All of the times where Nova’s heart was beating fast because she was almost caught made my heart beat fast because I was so scared for her as well.

I did think that some aspects of the book were rushed and since the book is pretty big I think that a trilogy could have been a better fit because the ending wrapped up in three or so chapters. I do not think that Meyer will ever be able to create a group of characters I love more than Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter and their love interests, but she certainly made an effort with RENEGADES and I’m excited to see what will happen in the next book.

Any fans of superheroes or villains will love this book. Thought it may look like a big book, I flew right through it in three days. There is action, romance and mystery all wrapped into one book with a great cast of characters. The book reminded me a little of the movie Sky High with the superhero aspect, and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good dystopian superhero/supervillain story in book form.

Reviewed by Ilona K., Teen Board Member on November 30, 2017

by Marissa Meyer