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Royce Rolls


Royce Rolls

Seventeen-year-old reality television star Bentley Royce lives a luxurious life on camera, yet the blonde, bright Beverly Hills high school student longs for an unscripted existence outside of her family’s hit series, “Rolling with the Royces.” When the show’s sixth season faces possible cancellation, Bent’s dream of attending college just might come true. Author Margaret Stohl offers young adult readers an addicting, entertaining story of the public’s fascination with reality television as ROYCE ROLLS cleverly unfolds.

"Author Margaret Stohl offers young adult readers an addicting, entertaining story of the public’s fascination with reality television as ROYCE ROLLS cleverly unfolds."

For five straight seasons, transfixed fans have tuned into the Lifespan Network to watch beautiful Bentley, her savvy single mom Mercedes, perfectly put together big sis Porsche, and card shark younger brother Maybach. Like the flashy cars the Royces are named for, the family that is “famous for being famous” attracts attention wherever they go. From their Trousdale Park home in Beverly Hills to their lunch table at Barney’s, the paparazzi chase their fleet of luxury vehicles around the sunny streets lined with palm trees. Stylists, trainers and vegan chefs greet the regal Royce’s at their shoots with flat irons, Spanx and seaweed snacks. Margaret Stohl’s attention to detail creates images as clear as a camera.

Cameras might stop rolling on the Royce’s, however, when a cooking reality show becomes popular. “Rolling with the Royces” (RWTR) needs a new storyline --- and fast. If Bent can get her family renewed for another season with a script that doesn’t depend on her, maybe she can escape being a prisoner to her television show and the television girl all of America expected her to be. She can finally burn her “Bentley Bible,” which dictates her hair, hangouts, food, cosmetics and opinions. She can finally enjoy “being Bentley.” For beneath the blond millennial bob, the oversized Celine sunglasses and the white Rag and Bone jeans, Bentley Royce is just a high school senior who wants to attend college in anonymity.

The smart teen with a mind of her own also has a wardrobe that most girls would die to own. Designer apparel from Balenciaga, Ulla Johnson and Louis Vuitton seem fitting for a young celebrity, but the average 17-year-old may not relate to spending twelve hundred dollars on a pair of shoes. Nevertheless, readers will enjoy living vicariously through Bentley Royce. The glamorous settings, high fashion clothing and fancy cars (yes, she drives a Bentley), belong on an actual television series. In fact, as I read the fast-paced novel, visions of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” came to mind. Humorously, Kim Kardashian is actually mentioned in the story, when Porsche thinks that Kim is copying her lip color.

ROYCE ROLLS seems realistic in a culture where the public has embraced similar reality television stars. However, Bentley Royce, who shuns the paparazzi and the spotlight, just wants an education. So perhaps there is hope for the Kardashians.

Escape to L.A. this summer and grab a copy of ROYCE ROLLS, a must-read for a vacation getaway!

Reviewed by Juliette G., Teen Board Member on April 28, 2017

Royce Rolls
by Margaret Stohl