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Secrets, Lies, and Scandals


Secrets, Lies, and Scandals

In Amanda K. Morgan's SECRETS, LIES, AND SCANDALS, five teens are sent on a wild chase for the truth following a shocking tragedy.

When a summer psychology course quickly escalates into the death of their professor, five teens who hardly know each other are forced to make a trust pact so that none of them gets caught. However, with varying levels of involvement and questions about their professor's disappearance following them everywhere, tensions rise amongst them. All of them have secrets that they're struggling to keep, on top of the one that they all share. An unlikely romance blooms between Kinley, the goody-two shoes of the group, and Tyler, the delinquent, but both are unwilling to completely trust the other. Ivy used to be queen bee until a harsh breakup pushed her off her pedestal at the top of the social ladder. Just when she thinks it can't get any worse, she's sworn into a silence pact for a crime she didn't commit and her cop brother has been put on the case.

"SECRETS, LIES, AND SCANDALS was an exciting and intriguing novel from start to finish, and you'll find yourself sympathizing with each of the characters...."

Mattie was only staying for the summer to take the psych course, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time, saw too much, and was roped into the pact as well. Meanwhile, things are rocky with his boyfriend back at home, who may or may not know way too much information about Mattie's new secret. Cade, the last and most distant of the group, is the one who suggested the pact in the first place. Although he tries to deny it, the blame mostly falls on him, but he knows how to turn it around on the others. The group is sworn to silence and if anyone says anything, the others will team up to turn them in. Cade's set on two things: avoiding the blame himself and having one of the others found guilty.

SECRETS, LIES, AND SCANDALS is a fast-paced novel full of mystery, romance, and the question of who to trust. As more and more secrets are uncovered, it's clear no one is quite who they seem. The guilt and impending doubt of their secrets causes them all to take action --- and risks. When emotions get in the way, it's hard to decide what the safest choice is, and all of them have everything at stake. With the focus switching between characters each chapter, we get an inside look at the lives and secrets each one holds. It's not your typical murder mystery, since we know the culprit from the beginning, but it's not exactly your typical murder, either. The novel lets you discover more information with each chapter that holds an essential role in how it all plays out. SECRETS, LIES, AND SCANDALS was an exciting and intriguing novel from start to finish, and you'll find yourself sympathizing with each of the characters in turn as you wonder who will manage to come out safe in the end.

Reviewed by Maggie L., Teen Board Member on July 14, 2016

Secrets, Lies, and Scandals
by Amanda K. Morgan