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Some Boys


Some Boys

Grace Collier used to be the girl that everyone looked at. With her studded jewelry, black combat boots and heavy eyeliner, it was hard not to stare. But that all changed when Grace was sexually assaulted by the captain of the lacrosse team, Zac McMahon. To make matters worse, no one believes her. Grace’s friends, Miranda and Lindsay, have turned against her, and Grace feels alone in the world. Only her mother believes and supports her.

When unexpected circumstances cause Grace to give up her spring break to clean lockers at school, she feels more vulnerable than ever. That’s when Ian Russell steps up and helps Grace notice that the world not as a punishment, but as a beautiful gift. Will Ian help Grace return to the girl she was before?

SOME BOYS by Patty Blount approaches a topic that many teenagers see as a joke in society. While this book is not for younger readers, it shows the side of sexual assault that only one person --- the victim --- can see. I would recommend this book for an audience who can understand the importance of the issue. This book takes a serious topic and adds in some comedy and romance, making it a great back to school novel.

This book takes a serious topic and adds in some comedy and romance, making it a great back to school novel.

THE JEWEL is an electrifying debut novel by Amy Ewing. She brings the drama, viciousness, and beauty that wealth means to this amazing novel.  Violet is a surrogate. And soon, she will only be known as a lot number. The most she can hope for is a good, nice lady to buy her at the Auction. But when the Duchess of the Lake buys her, Violet gets more than she bargained for. She learns that it is possible for her to love someone, and to have some semblance of a life. But under the Duchess’s rule, she must live her life very carefully; otherwise, she may find herself faced with a life without freedom.

 This novel was a masterpiece! I could not, would not, put it down. The plot twists were so surprising, and you never would have imagined them happening.  Ms. Ewing has an incredible talent for writing strong female heroines that continually shock the reader. The writing was superb, and as a reader, it really is an enthralling experience.  I found that this novel is slightly like THE SELECTION, in the sense that there is the royalty, and how everything is not what it seems. But all in all, as much as I loved THE SELECTION, THE JEWEL was even better. I definitely would recommend this novel to fans of Kiera Cass, and anyone who likes a little bit of romance, supernatural powers, and the royal way of living. If I could have the sequel right now, I would hole up in my room with it!  I would rate this novel five out of five stars, and I would keep this on my shelf to read again and again.

Reviewed by Katie N., Teen Board Member on August 27, 2014

Some Boys
by Patty Blount

  • Publication Date: August 5, 2014
  • Genres: Fiction, Romance
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
  • ISBN-10: 1402298560
  • ISBN-13: 9781402298561