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Someday, Somewhere


Someday, Somewhere

Set in modern times and told in alternating perspectives, SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE by first-time author Lindsay Champion follows Dominique, a high-school junior living in Trenton, New Jersey, and Ben, a violin prodigy studying at the top music conservatory in New York City.

When Dominique’s class takes a trip to New York City to watch a concert at Carnegie Hall, she is instantly mystified by the cute boy playing violin ferociously in the front row. After the show, she is focused on finding him and telling him how well he did, but when he passes her coming out of the back doors, she is too stunned to say anything. But Dom is determined to meet him and figure out who he is.

"SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE completely surprised me by its depth, characters and overall message of the story, while still providing me with a believable and memorable love story..."

Posing as an NYU student, Dom borrows some money and sneaks back into NYC to find Violin Boy, also known as Ben. When they meet, they have an instant connection, and she is quickly caught up in his whirlwind life. To Dom, Ben is a prodigy and a genius, and he shows her the world of jazz clubs, operas, late-night dancing and a world unlimited by one’s past.

But as Dom realizes far too late that she needs to come clean about her life to Ben, he spirals out of control as he need to conquer Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata overcomes him and his ability to function. All at once, Dom realizes how little they truly know about each other, and as she tries to help him, she begins to realize that maybe Ben and their relationship is too broken to fix.

When I read the synopsis of SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE, I honestly can say that I already knew I would enjoy it. I mean...New York City? Music, dancing and theatre? A star-crossed love connection? That is the basic recipe for that perfect rom-com that I love. Usually, I have a love/hate relationship with any and all rom-coms because I know structurally and depth-wise they are not the best, but man are they entertaining. This is what I was expecting from this novel, and fortunately, I was proved entirely wrong. I was expecting a funny and romantic book that was not that deep, but by the end, I was in tears.

SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE completely surprised me by its depth, characters and overall message of the story, while still providing me with a believable and memorable love story filled with music and adventure. Ben’s struggle with his own mind and motivations was one-hundred percent believable, and I hope that readers will find solace in seeing this representation of a mental illness on paper.

While I loved the characters, story and setting, I can definitely tell that this is Champion’s first novel. The writing is a bit plain, the plotting was a little off and the alternating voices of Dom and Ben were not distinguished enough. I would have loved to see more of a difference between the two voices, and I also did not have a clear image of either character. In spite of this, because of Champion’s skill with character development, story and dialogue, there is so much potential for her writing to improve and expand upon her next book, which I will definitely be picking up. I cannot wait to see what Champion has in store for us next, and I would not mind a sequel to SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE...maybe even a novella? One can dream.

Perfect for fans of West Side Story and JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman.

Reviewed by Bryn D., Teen Board Member on April 25, 2018

Someday, Somewhere
by Lindsay Champion