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Spindle Fire


Spindle Fire

Looking for a lush fantasy set in a dwindling, enticing corrupt world of fae, featuring two unforgettable heroines? Then check out Lexa Hillyer’s SPINDLE FIRE and be prepared to be absorbed in what is a truly intriguing and spellbinding tale that traps you in and doesn’t let go.

It all started with the burning of spindles and a curse --- well at least for polar opposite half-sisters Isabella and Aurora. Isabelle, born as the king’s headstrong illegitimate daughter, had her sight tithed by faeries at an early age and Aurora, a beautiful and sheltered young princess, coincidently had her sense of touch and voice tithed on the same day as Isabelle by faeries. But despite their differences, the sisters always managed to be extremely close and supportive of one another, until everything changes when a single drop of betrothed Aurora’s blood unleashes a wide spread deep sleep that cannot be broken.

"Lexa Hillyer has created a richly and beautiful detailed world full of intrigue and enchantment with a thrilling twist to the beloved classic we all know as Sleeping freshly unique, vivid and poetic, that I could not turn the pages fast enough."

After a string of random murders, the growth of unearthly, thorny vines rising up the palace walls, the whispers of revolt traveling in the ashes of the wind, the kingdom now fallen to ruin under layers of snow and the realization of a curse, both young ladies find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime to discover what is happening to the world they both called home. So it’s up to Isabelle to cross over land and sea to find a prince who can awaken her sister with the kiss of true love in order to uplift the curse and seal their two kingdoms in an alliance against the faerie queen before it’s too late and she breaks all havoc across the land with her army of Vultures.

As a person who loves reading anything relating to retellings and folklore, I was very excited to indulge into all the magic of SPINDLE FIRE and I have to say that I was very pleased with everything about this book. Lexa Hillyer has created a richly and beautiful detailed world full of intrigue and enchantment with a thrilling twist to the beloved classic we all know as Sleeping Beauty. Hillyer's writing is so freshly unique, vivid and poetic, that I could not turn the pages fast enough. With the way that she draws between dreams and reality with such shimmering grace and expressions of beauty, I was immediately pulled under its spell and could not get enough. Definitely one of the most compelling YA fantasy novels that I have read so far.

The diversity and characters represented throughout the novel was refreshing to see. The author did a fantastic job of creating such an inseparable and indomitable sister relationship and I simply adored how it played a major role in the story. Aurora is a sweet sheltered crown princess who doesn’t let her shortcomings take control of her world and she loves spending every free moment that she has with her dear sister. As well as the fact that she always sought for justice and knowledge over anything else. As the King’s illegitimate daughter, Isabelle proves to be brave countless times and holds nothing standing in the way of the royal family as she doesn’t let such a thing stop her from being with her sister. A major key factor that I really appreciated was the way that the author demonstrated that a princess can save herself and doesn’t always need a prince to come and save the day for she is fully capable of overcoming anything that she sets her mind to.  Another thing that I felt was executed very well, was that even though the two main characters had disabilities that set them apart from each other, they didn’t allow that to hinder their strong voices and personalities but instead  they kept on persevering.

After the events of this book, I have no idea what awaits dear Aurora and Isabelle in the next chapter of their journey and let’s just say I am very much anticipating to find out what happens in the sequel. I absolutely loved how creative this book was for it still felt like a Sleeping Beauty retelling, but the way that Hillyer created a refreshing take on the classic tale, by still including all the well-known elements and then expanding and twisting them in the best way possible.

Full of glistening magic, smoky-mirrored illusions, a dream world full of frights and a tale of sisterhood, SPINDLE FIRE is the perfect read for fans of Marissa Meyer’s HEARTLESS or the faeries in books by Holly Back and Sarah J. Maas. SPINDLE FIRE is one that I think all lovers of the beloved story will fall in love with.

Reviewed by Laina Q., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2018

Spindle Fire
(Spindle Fire #1)
by Lexa Hillyer