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Strange Truth


Strange Truth

Even though Benny and Virginia are the only ones in their school’s Mystery Club, Benny will never let that stop them from solving the mysteries their school holds. So when a popular cheerleader, Brittany Montague, commits suicide by jumping off a bridge in the school mascot costume, they both know there is more to the story. Trying to solve the mystery and struggling with their newfound partnership, they fall into something bigger than previously expected, so much so that they aren't even sure if they can solve it. 
Obviously, as with any book centering around the mystery, the mystery being solved has to be complex and at least a little challenging. STRANGE TRUTH handled the mystery aspect perfectly. The thing I liked most about the mystery was that it was not just a simply answer of who did the crime; it was much more complex than that. It wasn’t one death and that was the mystery, there were plenty of layers and elements to make it more complicated. Because of that, the plot was full of twists and turns, like a winding road where I couldn’t wait to reach the end. 
"The plot was full of twists and turns, like a winding road where I couldn’t wait to reach the end." 
The characters in STRANGE TRUTH were also very enjoyable to read. All of the side characters were interesting and fun to read about. Each had a unique personality traits and backstory that caused them to jump off the page and really stand out to the reader. Plus the relationship between the two main characters, Benny and Virginia, was very enjoyable. Seeing them develop as friends, and maybe close to something more, made me eager for a sequel. 
Both characters had hints of a more complex past that we didn't fully hear about, but only got hints, which makes me excited to see where the author takes their stories in the sequel. One of the things I love about books is character development, but in STRANGE TRUTH, Benny and Virginia barely seemed to change or learn. The building blocks were there though, making me sure we will see that growth in the sequel.
STRANGE TRUTH was an extremely enjoyable read and hard to even put down because of the crazy plot. A awesome combination of "Twin Peaks" and "Pretty Little Liars," this intense mystery is perfect for any fan that enjoys some crime solving and drama.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on November 15, 2016

Strange Truth
by Maggie Thrash