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Summer of Supernovas


Summer of Supernovas

A fresh new book from the talented author Darcy Woods, SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is a truly wonderful and whimsical experience. Woods has received many prestigious awards for her writing. She was a 2011 Golden Heart Finalist in Young Adult Romance for SPARK, the 2012 Winner of North Chicago RWA Fire and Ice Contest in YA Category, and the 2012 Winner of Connecticut RWA Write Stuff Contest in YA Category (both for EMERGENCE.) SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS certainly doesn’t fall short, either, as Woods was the 2013 Golden Heart Winner in Young Adult Romance, 2013 Winner of WRWDC Marlene Contest in YA Category, and was the 2013 Winner of the Yellow Rose RWA Winter Rose Contest in YA Category, all for her book, SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS.

“Wilamena is immediately relatable and engaging….SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS truly melted my heart.”

Wilamena Carlisle’s mother was an expert astrologer, so Wilamena naturally puts all of her faith in the stars and lives by her horoscope predictions. Now she’s finally ready to figure out her Fifth House, the House of Love and Relationships. However, she’s fallen in love with a person who is predicted to be completely wrong for her. What follows next is Wilamena’s journey full of love, whimsy and self-exploration.

I found myself completely in love with the main character, Wilamena Carlisle. I immediately connected to this character as she is authentic, cute, quirky and fun. Wilamena is immediately relatable and engaging. Oftentimes, the main characters of romance novels are flat and one-sided, but Wilamena goes through incredible character development. Reading this book was like watching her blossom right in front of my eyes.

The love interests in this book are quite intriguing, as well. They both have their own separate personalities and are not one-sided. There is a surprising twist in the love triangle of this book that knocked me completely off my feet. I’m definitely not opposed to love triangles, and this one was constructed very well, with a perfect equilibrium that was very exciting and enticing to me. If love triangles aren’t your cup of tea, I would not recommend this book.

The starting plot of this book was a bit cliché as it had all the elements of a typical romance story --- a deceased parent, a prophecy and a sense of fate. However, the author really ties the story together through the actions of the characters and through the way they interact with each other.

SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS truly melted my heart and made me exclaim “Awwww” multiple times throughout the book. Being an avid reader of romance, it is difficult to find a book that is so masterfully crafted that it still creates butterflies in my stomach. This book really brought me back to my beginning years of reading romance novels and invoked a childish glee in me that has ensured its spot on my bookshelf forever.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to readers of romance. It is also a great read for those who are interested in astrology and whimsical stories. If you are not a fan of clichés or typical “mushy” plot lines and character development, then I would not recommend this book. All in all, SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is a great book that will warm your heart for ages!

Reviewed by Vaishnavi S., Teen Board Member on May 23, 2016

Summer of Supernovas
by Darcy Woods