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The Dreamwalker's Child


The Dreamwalker's Child

Sam Palmer has always been fascinated with insects, but now he's become obsessed. Suddenly insects also appear to be fascinated with Sam. Wherever he goes, a few wasps follow him. One day he finds a horsefly in his room. He gently corrals it in a glass and sets it free, informing it that it isn't very smart. But that fly knows more than Sam could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, an army in the state of Vermia in another world called Aurobon prepares for war against humans on earth. Their weapon: a virus to be spread by mosquitoes. As they refine their technique, word comes that "the Dreamwalker" has been found --- and that she has a son. Odoursin, Vermia's evil emperor, demands the boy be brought to him.

Sam takes a bike ride and notices a peculiar cloud of wasps. He can't resist following them. Pain stabs his neck, and then everything goes black.

He awakens to nighttime in a strange landscape, marshlands lit with blue-green light. Confused and frightened, he walks toward distant city lights. But his travels are disrupted by a horrendous encounter with a slavering pack of creatures like no one has seen on Earth. The crazed beasts are intent on killing him. Sam realizes he will surely die, but then a group of soldiers appears. His relief is short-lived, however, when the soldiers act like he's a criminal, violently hauling him off to prison. What is going on?

Vermia's enemy state is called Vahlzi, and the army is led by Commander Firebrand. Realizing the Dreamwalker's son has been kidnapped by Vermia, Firebrand decides to send a rescuer, Skipper, who is his best pilot despite her young age.

In prison, Sam meets Skipper who gives him hope of escape. Looking through the window of his cell, he sees three moons and realizes he's in a whole new world. When Sam learns the truth behind his plight, he's shocked. He must fight the evil that seeks to destroy Earth's humans. Meanwhile, his damaged body on Earth remains in a coma.

This original book is filled with ideas I found myself discussing repeatedly with family and friends. In the midst of an urgent plot fueled by a dangerous mission, we find humor, a gutsy female role model, friendship, family relationships, questions about the guardianship of Earth and the balance of nature --- plus a subtle, thrilling celebration of life itself. Speaking of celebration, I understand a sequel to THE DREAMWALKER'S CHILD is in the works. Hooray!

PS: Dear Hollywood: What are you waiting for? This book has "movie potential" stamped on it in huge red letters.

Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon on April 4, 2006

The Dreamwalker's Child
by Steve Voake

  • Publication Date: March 6, 2007
  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
  • ISBN-10: 1599900386
  • ISBN-13: 9781599900384