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The Edge of Forever


The Edge of Forever

Bridger has spent the past month wondering what happened to his dad on the fateful day he was killed. His dad was one of the few people capable of traveling back to the past, a trait he passed on to Bridger as well. Bridger had just about accepted the fact that his dad was gone…until his father shows up on one of his school trips back to the past and gives Bridger a message: Save Alora. Bridger has no clue who Alora is or even what time she lived in, but he is determined to follow his father’s orders.
Bridger’s mission proves more difficult than he imagined as the Department of Temporal Affairs begins questioning him. Forced to shift without any technological aid, Bridger must navigate the past carefully. Any violation on his part could have disastrous consequences on the future. But the more time Bridger spends with Alora, the harder he finds it to stay out of her life. With Alora’s death date drawing closer, Bridger must prepare himself to save her and maybe even his father. 
[A]n exciting read for any reader in need of a new, refreshing novel.
THE EDGE OF FOREVER by Melissa E. Hurst is an exciting read for any reader in need of a new, refreshing novel. The entire novel centers on time travel, which has been done many times before. However, Hurst manages to put her own spin on the concept. In THE EDGE OF FOREVER, time traveling is an ability some are born with and it can be enhanced with technology. It appears to be a genetic trait, which is why both Bridger and his father can shift. Although we never really get to explore Bridger’s relationship with his father, it is clear that his father was always the parent Bridger would turn to. Bridger and his mother do not get along at all in the novel and Bridger feels a twinge of jealousy watching Alora interact with her Aunt Grace, who raised her. 
The two perspectives in THE EDGE OF FOREVER switch between Alora and Bridger. This creates a fascinating dynamic between the two as we watch how Bridger switches back and forth from his time and Alora’s. While both characters seem a bit cliché, their relationship is complex and will charm readers. Hurst ties up everything perfectly by the end of the novel, leaving just enough unknown to make readers want the sequel. Overall, THE EDGE OF FOREVER is an interesting novel that, while cliché in its characters, is unique enough in its plot to earn a reader’s fascination. 
Reviewed by Kate F., Teen Board Member 

The year is 2013. Alora lives in a cozy bed and breakfast with her Aunt Grace. There is someone following her. She can feel it in her bones when she walks into her town’s bakery, The Gingerbread House, and in the forest behind the inn. Additionally, she’s having blackouts. She closes her eyes in one place and wakes up in another. Is she going crazy?
The year is 2146. Bridger lives at the Academy for Time Bending (or as we call it now, time traveling).  He is a Time Bender, a talent he possesses as a result of genetic modification. While on a time trip for the Academy, he sees his father. His dead father.
Bridger’s father only has time to tell him one thing: Save Alora.
THE EDGE OF FOREVER started slowly. I usually give books 30 pages to get my attention, but this book took 60. One of the reasons it took me awhile to get into it was because it lacked intriguing and life-like dialogue; every character spoke in the exact same way and it brought me out of the book. If I had been reading this book for fun, I would have tossed it. I’m glad I didn’t, though, because after page 60, the book really picked up.
Things started to come together in the way that Agatha Christie builds her mysteries; the puzzle pieces started to match up. Although this book wasn’t classified as a murder mystery, it definitely was one. It was centered around the day Alora was killed, and Bridger’s objective was to find the murderer.  
I would have loved if this book had a character list. There are so many characters, many of whom go by futuristic names. When author Melissa E. Hurst would write about a certain character, I’d have to flip through the book several times to remember who she was referring to. 
[THE EDGE OF FOREVER] has a really twisted ending that will be hard to guess.
Hurst also loves to make ironic jokes about time travel.  When Bridger travels back in time, he calls the people he sees in 2013 “ghosts” because he lives so far in the future that all the people that he’s seeing are dead in his time, and therefore just walking ghosts to him.  If I heard someone say in the novel that “Bridger is so scared it looks like he’s seen a ghost” one more time, I would have popped. 
Hurst is really creative.  She has a few really cool points that she mentions in THE EGDE OF FOREVER that are plausible things that could actually happen in the future.  For example, in this novel, the people in 2146 use “credits” instead of paper money.  There’s no cash anymore, just bank credits.  That is beginning to happen now with people using credit cards more and more.
My advice to you is give this book a try through page 64. If you can get there, THE EDGE OF FOREVER is a very good book. It has a really twisted ending that will be hard to guess. Ok, you can probably guess the murderer BUT that may be not what the real danger is. Intrigued? Start reading.
Reviewed By Maya B., Teen Board Member 


Reviewed by on June 5, 2015

The Edge of Forever
by Melissa E. Hurst