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The Final Six


The Final Six

With Earth ravaged by natural disasters caused by climate change, humanity is forced to turn to the last frontier to survive: space. NASA teams up with the International Space Training Camp, ISTC, to recruit the top 24 teens in the world in a competition to save humankind. The 24 teens will train, learn and push themselves to the limits, until the final six are chosen to go on a journey to Europa, a moon of Jupiter which has been discovered to be survivable. In a world without hope, these 24 teens are trying to change the course of history, and be one of the finalists to travel through space.

Leo’s home used to be Rome, until the life changing floods took everything from him. Living off scraps in what is left of his once glorious city, Leo is close to losing hope for humanity. When he is chosen to be one of the 24 competitors for his championship swimming abilities, he is finally given a chance to change his fate, and make Italy and his dead family proud.

"Monir takes space travel to a whole new level in THE FINAL SIX as she explores a future that seems frighteningly close....Monir takes drastic dips from thrilling highs to terrifying lows...."


For Naomi, an Iranian-American engineering and science genius, being drafted is a nightmare. Forced to leave her loving family and sick brother behind, Naomi will do anything to get out. With her knowledge of a previous failed mission, she is wary that there may be more to the Europa mission than what it seems.

Together, Leo and Naomi fight to prove their worthiness in a space competition to rock the world as they know it. They will push themselves to their limits, and maybe uncover something that will change humanity as they know it.

Monir takes space travel to a whole new level in THE FINAL SIX as she explores a future that seems frighteningly close. Yet, even with climate change destroying their world --- just as it is destroying ours --- Monir shows that humanity will always survive if we have hope. By putting this hope in the hands of these teen competitors, she raises the stakes that everyone is feeling.

To a space nerd like myself, Monir gives us a vision of space travel that is not so impossible, but rather something that could be happening in the very near future. With every new challenge the teenagers are forced to complete in anticipation of the challenges they could face in a journey to Europa, the tension and stakes feel higher and higher.

Yet, the whole story is not the dream that saving humanity seems to be. As Naomi learns more and more about the mission, the tone gets more and more sinister. Instead of excitement filling me with energy as I read, dread began to creep through me. Monir takes drastic dips from thrilling highs to terrifying lows as the teens succeed like they never thought they would, and lose what they never thought they could have.

In a future just around the corner, Naomi, Leo and 22 of the most brilliant young minds in the world will face unimaginable challenges, and learn things about the mission --- and themselves --- that they never imagined.

Reviewed by Caitlyn K., Teen Board Member on March 27, 2018

The Final Six
by Alexandra Monir