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The Last Boy and Girl in the World


The Last Boy and Girl in the World

THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD, the latest novel from Siobhan Vivian, takes readers to a very different setting than you may find in your average young adult novel. The town of Aberdeen is drowning and its citizens have been told they must pack up and leave. For Keely Hewitt and her friends, this means they have only one last chance to revel in each other’s company. The group does everything adventurous in the town that is to be done --- that is, until their homes are submerged in water. Keely travels down the paths of dealing with love, loss and grief for a place she has lived in her whole life.
Keely begins her last days in the town strong and adventurous, but “loses her edge” towards her final hours in Aberdeen as reality sets in that she will never see her home again. She learns that she must face the consequences of her choices as everything around her is moving on and growing up.
I really enjoyed hearing Keely’s view on her struggles at the start of the novel; however, as the story went on she became self-indulged and almost nasty under the situations she was facing. Keely’s best friend Morgan was also an interesting character who sticks by her until they are separated by the water. Keely’s relationships in the book are a great stepping stone from which the novel blooms.
"Siobhan Vivian used great imagery to tell Keely’s story and the novel is written from the very believable voice of a confused teen."
Siobhan Vivian used great imagery to tell Keely’s story and the novel is written from the very believable voice of a confused teen. The themes of loss, friendship, young love and growing up are addressed gracefully as Keely comes to the realization that she is going to have to move on from most of what was so familiar in her life in Aberdeen. Keely’s interaction with these themes allowed me to connect to her character, thus finding the book even more relatable. 
The scene Vivian creates in regards to the towns flooding is so realistic and nerving. I felt anxious for the characters while reading about the town being submerged and ceasing to exist once the worst of the storm was over. The character development in THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD was my favorite aspect of the novel. The kids in the story are engaging and I was left wondering about my own relationships and how I would react to people I may never see again. Keely especially had great development in her personality and actions, which made the tale even more believable. I also found myself despising her from some of the choices she made. The book got under my skin, to say the least. 
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a gentle yet thought provoking read with lots of heart and feeling to it. The characters and relatable, scenes well written and imagery second to none. This book made me think very hard about how I would react if my town disappeared and what I would say and do with my loved ones. 

Reviewed by Sally Witchalls on April 28, 2016

The Last Boy and Girl in the World
by Siobhan Vivian