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The Ship Beyond Time


The Ship Beyond Time

The good thing about sequels is they give you a second chance with characters.

Not that I really needed that with THE SHIP BEYOND TIME --- I fell in love with Heidi Heilig’s Temptation crew quickly in the first book. Immediately, I felt as if I knew them and had spent many journeys at sea with them. They were so well-realized and fully drawn even though this was Heidi Heilig’s debut novel.

I knew, just like I had when I first got a glimpse at THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE’s cover, that I would love THE SHIP BEYOND TIME immensely. I went in without knowing much about the sequel except with a huge gnawing need to know what happens next and an expectation that I would devour it in as little time as possible.

"Heidi Heilig sure mastered this story and created a world within ours that I definitely want to visit. Everything about just really wonderful and incredible...."

If you aren’t familiar with the sequel, a little summary: In TSBT (abbreviated for brevity's sake) we are treated to not just Nix's wonderful point of view but Kashmir's as well (a character many of us definitely have a real life crush on). For those of you who haven't been thinking of THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE since the book came out and need a reminder --- Kashmir is one of the crew on the Temptation, the time-traveling pirate ship that Nix's father, Slate, captains to take them to various times and places (some even fictional) in order to get to the maps that may help him reunite with his deceased wife and Nix's mother. At the end of the TGFE, Nix and the crew barely escaped with life and limb after a heist to recover one of these maps went very wrong in 1800s Hawaii.

Now, Nix must not only contend with the fact that her past may change if her father gets his way and reunites with her mother but that she might lose the person she cares about the most: Kashmir.

Nix pieces a haphazard plan together in an attempt to save him by sailing the crew to a mythical place where she may meet a man capable of changing fate.

The rest of the book is one page turning roller coaster after the other --- seriously, I flew through this just like I flew through MOCKINGJAY, desperate to know how it all ends. And oh, yeah, in case I didn’t mention it, it's a duology so THE SHIP BEYOND TIME is the conclusion to Nix's story and it's an incredible one.

Heidi Heilig sure mastered this story and created a world within ours that I definitely want to visit. Everything about it, from Slate's ability to sail through time to Kash's charm and thievery to the found family aspect of the crew is just really wonderful and incredible that the author managed to pack into two volumes.

Kudos to the way the characters navigate their arcs. Kash or the others could have easily been side characters, added in as scene dressing and vehicles for Nix's journey but instead they became just as important to me as a reader. I don't want to give anything away because that would be cruel but I was shocked at how certain things developed and the choices a certain stowaway made.

By the end, you'll probably be clamoring for a sequel to the sequel as much as I was. Maybe we'll get one eventually --- I know I would read just about anything with Kash or Nix in it!

I can’t recommend this one enough. Every reader that is eager to fall deeply in love with characters, fly through a series and be on the edge of your seat throughout should check these books out. It’s worthy of any reader’s bookshelves.

Reviewed by Brianna Robinson on February 14, 2018

The Ship Beyond Time
(The Girl from Everywhere #2)
by Heidi Heilig