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The Sisterhood


The Sisterhood

A.J. Granger presents THE SISTERHOOD: 304 astonishing pages of truths and lies, Dark and Light.

Mouse lost her name when she lost her sister. Nowadays, she is Lil and eight months have passed since Mella Laverty’s disappearance. A new day brings Lil to the kayak club, and she begins once again --- attempting to not let her own mind be empowered against herself. Nevertheless, Mella speaks through her sister’s head, despite her unwillingness. The memories pain her. Taking hold of her bike, she pedals, suddenly swerves and soon stares in dismay at the figure lying ahead of her.

A strange girl is sprawled across the pavement on a nearly isolated street. Blood streaks her forehead as she lies in an unconscious state. Even stranger, when she wakes, she claims to belong to the Sisterhood of Light.

"THE SISTERHOOD was one book that I will relish, for the characters’ complexities truly let them stand as their own people, where nobody is alike."

No, not Mella as Lil had thought, just another girl with a similar appearance. Whatever shall she do? After bringing her home, the girl introduces herself as Seven, the Light’s Gift, though she calls Lil “Mouse.” How can that be? Only her sister knew of that nickname. Moreover, the police are not an option, for if she dials them, Seven has threatened to run away as Mella had…Mella, who hadn’t been found. After failing her sister, Lil knows she cannot disappoint this girl. But Seven has some unusual beliefs in the figure Moon, the priestess who speaks of how The Sisterhood of Light must burn the Darkness from the girls to be reborn as pure Brightness. All must burn.

THE SISTERHOOD by A.J. Grainger is fit for those who take interest in realistic fiction as it will tug at your heartstrings and gift you with sympathy for the characters. Normally, I would prefer a homey and snuggly book that did not leave me so tense, but really, the nature of THE SISTERHOOD guided me to understand how Mella and Lil were layered in raw emotion to develop distinct human qualities. They felt real. Readers who crave to absorb more knowledge of their society should delve through this novel!

Furthermore, persons with a love for tales seeped with sorrow and wickedness or stories of rebelling against iniquity must have this book! Let the chapters sweep you through the unforeseen, for the entirety of THE SISTERHOOD consists of such. Personally, I found this book impossible to put down. I had to continue or the horror of “what if” sat with me. This brought me to completing THE SISTERHOOD within a night --- more promptly than any other book I’ve read before! THE SISTERHOOD was one book that I will relish, for the characters’ complexities truly let them stand as their own people, where nobody is alike.

Lastly, Grainger’s insight into the deep beliefs of others is evident throughout the book and helps the audience to develop a respectful appreciation of all those worldwide. This and numerous other lessons can be found throughout the plot of THE SISTERHOOD, a chilling book that will connect to readers’ own lives and embrace them. I will resist telling you of the endless intricacy, love, hate, twists and spellbinding pages, for that will be left to you to explore. The unthinkable is THE SISTERHOOD.

Reviewed by Lucia W., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2019

The Sisterhood
by A.J. Grainger