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The Suffering Tree


The Suffering Tree

“Once you dig up the past, you can’t always put things back the way they were.”

After the death of her father, Tori Burns and her family move from DC into an inherited house in Chaptico, Maryland. Ever since the relocation, the whole town has been on edge --- primarily the Slaughter family. The Slaughters have owned the land under the Burn’s new house for hundreds of years and are very upset about the newfound inheritance. These hostile feelings intensify when a strange new boy, Nathaniel, literally crawls out of a grave from the cemetery in Tori’s backyard. As Nathaniel and Tori bond over loss and hatred for the Slaughter family, they begin to uncover the truth about Tori’s connection with the land and its history, along with secrets that the Slaughter’s would do anything to keep under wraps.

"THE SUFFERING TREE would be good for even the pickiest readers....Cosimano has created a captivating story that is easy to understand and hard to put down."

I really enjoyed this book. It was filled with twists and turns that I was not expecting. Cosimano created a story that flew buy; I couldn't stop reading. There was not a slow moment. This book was crazy complicated, for it had the present and the historical past all mixed into one story. The plot of THE SUFFERING TREE is so well thought out and planned seamlessly. This is the kind of book that you can truly get lost in. I found myself getting captured by the story and then returning to reality hours later. This was a stunning novel that told an almost haunting story. With it being just over 350 pages, this book tells a full story without a hitch.

My one main critique of THE SUFFERING TREE is that I never really connected with the characters. Due to the strong and complicated plot, there was not much room for in-depth development of the secondary characters. Tori’s friends did not have much personality, nor did they seem to have an impact on the plot. It was very structured and not fluid in its design. However, the backstory and her family do have a strong influence on how Tori acted. This was very helpful with the development of Tori’s character.

I recommend this book to young adults that would like a quick eventful read. It contains aspects of history, romance and suspense along with many twists and turns. As my review reflects, I completely enjoyed this read. It was different than most of the young adult books I have read in the past. THE SUFFERING TREE would be good for even the pickiest readers. The plot has the ability to keep one interested, but also makes the reader think about the relationship between the past and the present. Even though it is not a realistic tale, Cosimano has created a captivating story that is easy to understand and hard to put down.

Reviewed by McKenzie S., Teen Board Member on July 9, 2017

The Suffering Tree
by Elle Cosimano