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The Supervillain and Me


The Supervillain and Me

Wattpad writer Danielle Banas debuts her first novel, THE SUPERVILLAIN AND ME. Banas has previously been published in an anthology of short stories, ONCE UPON A NOW, written by the top-10 voted Wattpad authors. With humor and playful intrigue, Banas delivers an exciting novel about identity (secret or not), romance and the never-ending fight between good and evil.

Abby Hamilton has had enough of superheroes. In the crime-ridden city of Morriston, it is not uncommon to witness a bank robbery and Tasers are as common as lipstick. Despite the circumstances, life goes on. While her brother, Conner, masquerades as the popular Red Comet, straight-A student Abby throws herself into the art of theater. Even though her father, the mayor, is constantly working to lower Morriston’s horrendous crime rate, Abby has never considered herself the crime-fighting type. That is, until one evening she is saved from a mugging…by a supervillain? The publicly denounced supervillain insists that he is innocent, and that’s not all. He wants Abby’s help in uncovering the biggest plot in the history of Morriston. The more Abby learns about the infamous Iron Phantom, the more questions Abby has. But time is running out; in order to save her home, Abby will have to decide the difference between right and wrong, and who she can trust.

"Filled with action, mystery and a cute romance, THE SUPERVILLAN AND ME is dashing and enjoyable....too addicting to put down."

With spandex, adventure and a blooming romance, this is a fast and enjoyable read set in a superhero’s world. While suspenseful, it is hard not smile with the jokes and sprinkling of fan girls which provide a light-hearted mood amidst the lurking danger. While Banas focuses more on the growing relationship between the two main characters, the action escalates with each chapter. With the danger rising, Abby’s relationships to other characters are also developed, particularly with Iron Phantom and her brother. The relationship between brother and sister is touching and true to typical family dynamics and provides insight to Abby’s past and personality. Abby’s school experiences are also equally funny and relatable. While some of the supporting characters only have two-dimensional personalities, they act as excellent foils to the main characters. It is easy to root for the characters and quickly become invested in the outcome of the novel.

While the only mentioned female superheroes are either in a different state or retired, Abby becomes a heroine in her own right. Abby, like many other characters in the novel, struggles with her identity and her perceived abilities. For most of the novel, Abby wavers between dealing with issues on her own and asking others for help. Overshadowed by her brother, Abby seeks to be self-sufficient; so while a few of her choices in the beginning of the novel were a little questionable, they were necessary in order to further the plot and play into Abby’s desire to prove that she can take care of herself despite her lack of supernatural abilities. The concept of ability plays a large role in this novel, not only in defining superheroes but also defining Abby and her peers in school. Definitions of villains and heroes, strength and weakness are challenged through the actions of the characters as morals are called into question.

Fear is another major theme in this novel. Fear of crime. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. For Abby, it is the murder of her mother that cripples her the most. Because of this, Abby explains that “I never considered myself particularly brave or strong or anything that would help convince me I could act in the face of evil.” In order to succeed, Abby and her friends each need to confront their past and their greatest fears. Overall, the actions of all the characters show how fear, pain and loss can affect people in different ways.

Filled with action, mystery and a cute romance, THE SUPERVILLAN AND ME is dashing and enjoyable. As the plot thickens and heartbeats come faster, Banas’ fast-paced novel becomes too addicting to put down. Whether you are a super-fan or looking for an exciting beach read, THE SUPERVILLAIN AND ME will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Lauren C., Teen Board Member on July 11, 2018

The Supervillain and Me
by Danielle Banas