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The Sweetest Kind of Fate (Windy City Magic, Book 2)


The Sweetest Kind of Fate (Windy City Magic, Book 2)

Crystal Cestari has once again placed Amber Sand in a predicament, but his time, more than just her sanity is being questioned. Her powers, love life and future are all holding on for dear life.

Just a few moments after accepting her feelings for Charlie, the worst possible threat appears. Amber can battle against anything except Fate. Fate can be wrong, right? She sure hopes so.

To top it all off, her arch nemesis Ivy (she’s a siren, by the way) is convinced that her sister, Iris, is in trouble. Amber can’t understand the problem, though. Iris has found her perfect match. What else could a sister want? But Ivy is certain that here is more to the story. This situation is more than enough to forget their rivalry and mutual disgust. Iris is in danger and Ivy knows Amber is the girl for the job.

"Lovers of romance and all things supernatural must keep an eye out for the Crystal Cestari’s latest work."

It is very easy to blend the plot of the first book with its sequel. When writing the review I had to consciously keep in mind the point at which THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC ended and THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE began. Depending on how well a reader takes sequels, this may or may not disappoint. In all honesty, I absolutely enjoyed the story but I do think there was something lacking. Amber is --- once again --- the only character with any significant development. It is obvious that Amber’s character grew significantly, but the rest only shifted. However, Cestari did attempt to show another side of Ivy and Amber’s mom. The same cannot be said for Armani or Charlie; they remained fairly static with an occasional flare on the side.

I’m sure everybody enjoys quirky, relatable characters so Amber is most definitely an overall loveable character. What readers may be quick to realize, however, is that she is a chronic whiner. That is, she complains…a lot. This trait can be attributed to her realistic mindset or to Cestari’s attempt to make her relatable. Whatever the reason, I’m sure that some readers would prefer a little less of this for the next book.

Speaking of which, a third installment is whole heartedly anticipated by this reviewer! There aren’t any rumors yet but hopefully and announcement will be coming soon. I’m sure that any faults found by readers can be quickly overlooked because of the overarching plot. Who doesn’t love a serving of supernatural characters with a heap of romance? The supernatural world isn’t my home but I think it was what made THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE appealing. Such books aren’t exactly rare gems but Cestai’s creation can certainly stand out. A difference I found particularly interesting is that while other books make sure to hide whether a being is supernatural or not, Amber is fairly open about it. Almost every character in the book had some sort of supernatural blood (I swear this isn’t a big spoiler) and that was pretty cool to think about.

It’s important to point out that THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is about 60 percent romance and 40 percent supernatural activity. As a hardcore fan of love triangles and such, I didn’t mind, but it is understandable that some readers would rather keep romance strictly on the side. If that is the case with you, I would like to ask you to read the book anyway. Once you’re done, let us know what you thought.

Lovers of romance and all things supernatural must keep an eye out for the Crystal Cestari’s latest work. The story is not as thrilling as Maximum Ride or Harry Potter but I’m pretty sure fans would like to add Amber Sand’s story to their bookshelf.

Reviewed by Flor H., Teen Board Member on March 13, 2018

The Sweetest Kind of Fate (Windy City Magic, Book 2)
by Crystal Cestari