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The Treatment (Program)


The Treatment (Program)

In the first book of The Program series by Suzanne Young, we learn that the young adults of the world are suffering from a suicide epidemic. The Program was put into effect in order to cure “infected” teens by clearing their minds of any memories that were causing negative thoughts. The teenagers were then sent back out into the world to continue to live their lives. As much as they tried to resist, both Sloane and James were chosen to participate in The Program because Sloane’s brother --- and James’ best friend --- recently committed suicide. When Sloane and James finally complete their time in The Program, they have no idea that they used to be best friends and lovers. Even without these memories, they decide to get back together. Hand in hand, they realize that they need to do sometimes about The Program --- they both know how painful and heartbreaking it is to go through it. With the help of Sloane’s friend from The Program, Realm, James and Sloane leave their community and families behind.  Along with some money and a form of transportation, Realm sends the two away with a single pill: The Treatment. This pill, he promises, will restore all the memories that The Program took away

THE TREATMENT picks up where THE PROGRAM left us. James and Sloane are leaving their home in hopes of rebelling against The Program. The two teens meet up with more rebels, Dallas and Cas, who bring Sloane and James to a couple of different houses to remain safe. In the first house, Sloane and James are introduced to the people who are working to end The Program. They go to the Suicide Club where they see people expressing their inner thoughts without being hurt or taken. Through all of this, Sloane and James know that they need to be careful. They promise to remain faithful to each other and no one else.

This book gave me closure after reading THE PROGRAM which was such a wonderful, yet slightly traumatic, book.

Although they have The Treatment, neither Sloane nor James takes the pill. They do not want to have one of their memories returned while the other remains in the dark. Sloane’s and James’ faces are all over social media due to their rebel love story, so they have to stay hidden. They move to another little house where they stay for a while. Realm soon joins them and they continue to live in hiding.

One day, they are able to meet the creator of The Program, Dr. Pritchard, who knew about the side effects of The Treatment --- he said that according to Dr. Evelyn Valentine’s tests, a patient who took the pill killed himself, and many others returned to their depressed state of mind. Dr. Pritchard said that he believed there were still one or two pills in the world. He didn’t know it, but Sloane and James had possession of the pill at that very moment.

Although Sloane, James, Dallas, Cas and Realm seem close to completing their mission, a new challenge soon stands in their way. Will the rebels be able to overcome this roadblock to save themselves and countless depressed teens, or will The Program continue to grow and thrive? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Although THE TREATMENT kept me interested from beginning to end, it was definitely not written as well as THE PROGRAM was. Compared to most young adult books that have been published recently, THE TREATMENT lacked the action and drama that usually keeps teens interested. This book gave me closure after reading THE PROGRAM which was such a wonderful, yet slightly traumatic, book. Suzanne Young did a wonderful job of tying up the loose ends that were left over from THE PROGRAM, even though this book wasn’t quite as dramatic as its prequel.

Reviewed by Aliza M., Teen Board member on May 7, 2014

The Treatment (Program)
(The Program #2)
by Suzanne Young

  • Publication Date: March 24, 2015
  • Genres: Young Adult 14+
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Simon Pulse
  • ISBN-10: 144244584X
  • ISBN-13: 9781442445840