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The Voice on the Radio


The Voice on the Radio

As if Janie didn't have enough problems trying to juggle two families, trying to love both, and trying to keep her story private, her boyfriend, Reeve, who is now a college freshman, tells Janie's story over the air on WSCK, the student radio station. Reeve is suddenly famous. He tells more and more Janie stories, basking in the glory of being a star. All of Boston is listening to him.

Everything is cool. Reeve knows he can quit at any time. But the Janie stories are an addiction. Instead of quitting, he tells one last story, gives one last episode. This time it backfires. First, someone claiming to be Hannah calls. Rather than face talking to Janie's kidnapper, he hangs up. Then he finds out that Janie, Brian, and Jodie have heard the broadcast.  

"He could destroy all the tapes in all the radio stations in Boston...if Hannah decided she wanted airtime, somebody else would give it to her. He had no control. For the first time in his life, he was standing in the middle of a situation that would do whatever it wanted."

What will happen to Reeve? Most importantly, can Janie ever forgive Reeve? THE VOICE ON THE RADIO, the third book in the Janie series, is just as full of suspense as THE FACE ON THE MILK CARTON and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JANIE? Caroline B. Cooney explores betrayal, love, and the power of words in another page-turning thriller.

Reviewed by Audrey Marie Danielson on August 10, 1998

The Voice on the Radio
by Caroline B. Cooney