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Thirteen Rising


Thirteen Rising

In this epic conclusion to the New York Times bestselling series Zodiac, Romina Russell will blow readers away as they witness Rho Grace reach the end of her journey to save the Zodiac Galaxy. Amazingly addictive and fun to read, Russell’s astrology-infused series is perfect for readers searching for a true space opera as well as for fans of ILLUMINAE and Claudia Gray.

The Zodiac series follows Rhoma Grace, a 16-year-old student and member of House Cancer within the Zodiac Galaxy. After a devastating attack kills Cancer’s beloved Guardian, Rho is shocked to find out that she has been chosen by the stars to lead her House as the new Guardian; however, she quickly discovers that the attack on her house might have been caused by an ancient Zodiac legend: Ophiuchus, the forgotten 13th Guardian of the Zodiac, who has come to exact his revenge on the remaining twelve houses. Rho will have to unite the houses together in order to defeat Ophiuchus and save the Zodiac.

"With its sensational world, inspiring characters, heart-wrenching romance and exhilarating plot, THIRTEEN RISING was truly an incredible ending to an even more incredible series."

THIRTEEN RISING picks up right off from where BLACK MOON ended as Rho finally uncovers who the Master is. Her whole world is turned upside down, and all her loved ones --- as well as the entire galaxy --- are at risk. Rho is willing to do whatever it takes to save her loved ones; however, the stars are set against her, and outsmarting the Master will be her most difficult challenge of all.

After the tragic events of BLACK MOON, Rho has been left devastated, broken and confused. She is drowning in grief and questioning whether she can even trust those closest to her anymore. Russell did not hold back from tugging on my heartstrings and making me sympathize with Rho as I followed her throughout the story. Rho is such a strongly written character, who I absolutely adore. While she is extremely caring, loyal, and determined, what makes her stand out to me is that she is also a deeply flawed person; however, her flaws make her who she is, and she is able to proudly embrace them. Over the course of this series, I have grown to love and care for her so much. She is a complete inspiration and definitely ranks as one of my favorite main characters of all time.

Not only is Rho an amazing character, but all of her friends and acquaintances are major highlights of this series. Each character truly has something unique and memorable about them, and Russell has crafted a wonderful, diverse team of characters, who have formed so many heartwarming relationships. Seeing how they have all come together to form such a loyal and supportive family makes me so sad to say goodbye to all of these characters.

By the end of BLACK MOON, Rho had finally made her decision on who she wanted to be with, and the love triangle was wrapped up; however, there was still a ton of relationship drama in THIRTEEN RISING, which I guiltily loved! Like many other aspects in her life, Rho’s love life is still very complicated. I loved how it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows immediately after she made her pick and how the couple still had to overcome issues that weren’t related to her being into someone else. It really gave each of the characters a chance to develop and give their relationship a new clarity.

The world of the Zodiac series is truly one that I would love to see turned into a film as I can’t even imagine how beautiful, detailed and vivid it would be. Russell doesn’t spare any details when describing the stunning world that she has crafted, and each of those details actually contributes so much more to the story than you would think. With each of the twelve houses comes an utterly unique culture that is full of diverse people, views, stories and customs, which fascinated me to no ends.

I am super satisfied and absolutely loved the ending to this series. Russell was able to wrap up everything pretty well, and although I would love to see more of Rho’s story, I thought that Russell ended the series at the perfect point.

With its sensational world, inspiring characters, heart-wrenching romance and exhilarating plot, THIRTEEN RISING was truly an incredible ending to an even more incredible series.

Reviewed by Makayla H., Teen Board Member on August 29, 2017

Thirteen Rising
(Zodiac #3)
by Romina Russell