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This Lie Will Kill You


This Lie Will Kill You

Chelsea Pitcher, author of THE S-WORD, THE LAST CHANGELING and THE LAST FAERIE QUEEN, has a new book, THIS LIE WILL KILL YOU, which is perfect for fans of “Riverdale” and Clue.

High school seniors Juniper, Ruby, Parker, Gavin and Brett have all received mysterious invitations to a scholarship competition. They are instructed to bring only the item that their invitation requires --- items like a rope, a gun and a marker --- and dress like the character written for them. Desperate for the money or just curious to see what a murder mystery dinner scholarship competition actually is, the five teens decide to attend the event, little knowing that their lives will be changed forever because of it.

Ruby, best friend to Juniper, girlfriend to Parker and oldest of many daughters, had never known true freedom. Her abusive father left only a short while ago and she can’t seem to shake her boyfriend. But when Ruby meets the new boy at school, Shane, her life starts to change for the better.

"THIS LIE WILL KILL YOU has an intriguing plot. Mysterious invites, revenge plots and all types of relationship dynamics are all ingredients in a great YA mystery novel."

Juniper needs the money from this scholarship to pay for college. She has been working hard her whole life to get good grades in remain in the good favor of her mom and teachers. Brett also needs the money. After his mother was taken away from him and he stopped boxing, he no longer has a way to go to school. The only thing keeping him afloat is his best and wealthy friend Parker. Parker is intrigued by this scholarship competition and knows that Ruby will go, and he can try to win her back.

Gavin is a reporter for the school newspaper, or rather, he is the photographer for the school paper and has trouble getting other people to see him differently. But when he finds an invitation to this scholarship competition and discovers who else will be there, he knows he can try to get to the bottom of the mystery that has been gnawing at him since last Christmas.

The mystery that each teen plays a part in is the mystery of the dead boy, Shane.

So as the night goes on, each teen trapped in a mansion in the hills far from civilization, they begin to realize that the competition may have been too good to be true as things start to go horribly wrong. It doesn’t take long to figure out that they have all been brought together because of the mystery surrounding the death of their classmate, Shane. Someone wants revenge, and together, the teens must uncover the truth. But will that require them revealing their secrets along the way?

THIS LIE WILL KILL YOU has an intriguing plot. Mysterious invites, revenge plots and all types of relationship dynamics are all ingredients in a great YA mystery novel. Unfortunately, the story fell flat in places. The multiple characters with complex backgrounds and different motives often got jumbled together and became hard to separate. As the story jumps back in time to before the group is gathered together, the timelines also get confusing at times. However, I did really enjoy uncovering more about why each character acted in the ways that they did. This book was like unwrapping a present: the more you read, the closer you get to the heart of each characters’ motives and to learning more about their lives.

Chelsea Pitcher writes in a way that is compelling and emotional. At times, I was genuinely scared or disturbed because of the story she was told. This book is definitely a thriller and kept my heart rate up while I was reading it. The characters were unique, though could have been developed more fully. The premise was very Clue-esque and was also reminiscent of Karen McManus’s ONE OF US IS LYING. Overall, THIS LIE WILL KILL US is a perfect book to read if you are looking to be scared or held in suspense.

Reviewed by Ellie T., Teen Board Member on December 18, 2018

This Lie Will Kill You
by Chelsea Pitcher