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Twelfth Grade Kills: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 5


Twelfth Grade Kills: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 5

In his fury and his need to defend himself against Joss (former friend turned slayer), Vlad may have killed him. He also has fed from the mad vampire Dorian as he lay dying (is his madness now coursing through Vlad’s veins?). And now there are other issues.

The good news is that Vlad is a senior and finally can leave Bathory. He will be able to get away from the annoying Eddie Poe and all the other little things that seem to be bothering him constantly (like practically getting killed every time he turns around). Yet the fact remains that he is still a vampire, and there are things he just can’t walk away from. If the Elysian Council has its way, Vlad will not make it past a few more weeks; the Slayer Society (which includes Joss) is helping out in that regard. He has had to break up with Snow because he wants to protect her, and this whole Pravus prophecy seems only to have made things worse. What if he really is the Pravus? Will he actually enslave mankind and rule over vampirekind? Of course, he now has Dorian’s blood, so he is probably crazy to boot. Life is too complicated to enjoy, so being a senior isn’t what he had hoped it would be. How will things ever be right? After all, he never asked for any of this. 

There are other surprises in Vlad’s life, the most significant of which is the return of his father. At first, Vlad thought it was just his imagination --- the man standing before him could not possibly be Tomas. But indeed it was, and Tomas is a man with wisdom, knowledge and some very interesting stories to tell. A feeling of unease overshadows Vlad’s joy: Why did his father stay away so long? Who was in that bed with his mother? What is Tomas not telling him?

His dad gives him some vague answers along the way, but he also tells him not to trust anyone, not even Uncle Otis. This is disturbing, especially since Uncle Otis says the same thing about Tomas. Tomas assures Vlad that certain answers can be found in his old journal, which is missing, and that somehow they will be able to control the outcome of this mess if they can work together. Joy and anger seem to be Vlad’s partners as he tries to figure everything out. He knows his father is a “wanted” man by the council (for marrying a human, for one thing), and now he is expected to turn him over for punishment --- which, of course, he cannot do. As he learns more, things get more dangerous and complicated. 

Vlad is trying to protect and keep his father’s return a secret from the Elysian Society until he can find the journal and at least give them some time together. Then Joss comes to him, healed and offering a kind of peace between them. At first this seems almost too good to be true, and then Joss explains what is happening: “The Slayer Society is giving me until the end of the year. By December thirty-first, either you’ll be dead or the cleansing will begin.” Joss explains that he cannot possibly kill Vlad, but he does not know how to keep this horror from happening. Vlad knows he cannot let the vampires destroy the town and everyone he loves, but what can be done?

What an annoyance Eddie Poe is in the face of all of this. Eddie actually has requested that Vlad change him to a vampire, or else he will tell all of Vlad’s secrets. Vlad will have a way of dealing with Eddie, but what to do about the cleansings? About Snow? About some of his father’s strange behavior? Building trust between them seems much harder than he anticipates. And how to deal with Otis’s disbelief in the whole Pravus situation? It’s all happening way too fast, and the dark side is definitely winning at this point.

If the worst is going to happen, Vlad will be prepared, so he and Joss work out a scheme to make the vampires think he’s been killed. But it’s never that easy. The Slayers move in for a surprise attack to start the cleansing with the most horrifying results. This is only the beginning of a nightmarish stream of events. Some of the most beloved persons become victims, and even worse, secrets are revealed that break Vlad’s heart. Readers will be surprised and horrified at the events bringing The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod to its conclusion. Expect the unexpected. Anything is possible, but not all things are true.

Reviewed by Sally Tibbetts on September 21, 2010

Twelfth Grade Kills: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 5
by Heather Brewer

  • Publication Date: April 19, 2011
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Speak
  • ISBN-10: 0142417521
  • ISBN-13: 9780142417522