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When It's Real


When It's Real

WHEN IT’S REAL by Erin Watt is a story about a teen celebrity named Oakley Ford. He is known by his fans as a guy who uses girls and does not care about his image. He is also known to be a bad boy and, as a result, he isn’t treated as professionally as he would like. So when his manager devises a plan to set him up with a random girl to show his fans and the media that Oakley has decided to settle down, he is hesitant at first but ends up agreeing.

Vaughn Bennett is a girl who just wants to provide for her siblings after her parents die. She would never have accepted the role of Oakley's girlfriend, but she needs money to support her family. The job entails going to parties and acting as though Oakley and her are dating and are, in fact, in love. Their personalities and lifestyles are so different that they do not expect to fall for each other.

"Summer is fast approaching and in my opinion this is the best time to read this book --- and all of Erin Watt’s books!"

Erin Watt is a combination of two writers and I find that so interesting. I’m also shocked by their writing abilities and it never ceases to amaze me. I have read the first two books in The Royals series and I am in love with them so I expected nothing but the best from this book and I was not disappointed! Their writing has definitely grown since The Royals series but both of these stories are amazing.

I was drawn into this book when I first heard the premise. It is such a simple idea but they made it into something amazing. The idea of a celebrity falling in love with a regular girl is used a lot but this premise was unique and was not the usual trope which I appreciated a lot.

The character development is one of my favorite aspects of the book. The characters did annoy me when I first began to read the book but I really had a great appreciation for them after finishing it. The author’s create such realistic characters in their previous books. I just wish we got more of these characters but I’ll take what I can get! I always fall in love with the character because of how realistically written they are.

Summer is fast approaching and in my opinion this is the best time to read this book --- and all of Erin Watt’s books! This is definitely a perfect summer read. The whole book gives off a summer vibe and that is just one thing I love about Erin Watt’s books. It is very fun and light. I recommend this book to all ages because I really believe that any age whether you’re younger or older would appreciate and even love this book. You will not regret picking this book up! If you are looking for an enjoyable and entertaining read this summer then this is definitely a good one to pick up!

Reviewed by on June 13, 2018

When It's Real
by Erin Watt