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White Rabbit


White Rabbit

WHITE RABBIT, Caleb Roehrig’s second book, follows Rufus Holt and his not-so-great life. He was forcibly outed as gay by one of his friends, and his ex-boyfriend Sebastian, who broke up with Rufus in the worst way possible, suddenly wants to be around him and talk to him again when Rufus still isn’t over him. To make matters worse, April, Rufus’ half-sister who hates him, is missing and calls suddenly asking for help. Rufus has no other choice but to accept Sebastian's help to find his sister, and when they do find April, she is passed out on the floor with a knife, and a dead body is next to her. April swears that she didn’t kill the guy, and ends up paying Rufus to help her find the actual murderer. This book also has scenes/mentions of rape, sexual assault, homophobia, drug use and violence, so know that before picking this novel up.

"With its engaging storytelling and compelling characters, WHITE RABBIT will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end."

Needless to say, WHITE RABBIT is an extremely fast-paced and exciting read. Though the writing is a bit simple, it is done for good measure, because it makes the story easier to devour. I was so caught up and invested in the story that I was able to finish it in the span of three days without wanting to put it down. While the beginning is a bit slow, once the plot starts going it is absolutely un-put-down-able.

For a novel that only takes place in the span of 12 hours, WHITE RABBIT’s characters were all fleshed out and loveable. I enjoyed each and every one of the characters in WHITE RABBIT, even the ones that aren’t supposed to be liked. As this is a murder mystery, all of these characters needed to be fleshed out in order for the story to work out. For the entire novel, I was lost on who the actual murderer was; all of my guesses turned out to be wrong. WHITE RABBIT has an absolutely stunning plot twist that you won’t see coming. It does an amazing job of making the murderer hard to guess and keeps the idea of who did it open for all of the possible suspects. I will add that since I’m not someone who typically reads thrillers or mystery novels, I cannot say whether or not this book is a well-done mystery/thriller.

What really sold the novel for me was all of the other subplots that were going on throughout the story; there are so many other things going on during the novel to the point where it’s more than a simple murder mystery. It has a subplot of Sebastian's and Rufus’ relationship with one another (which I absolutely loved) and also has a huge theme of family. Since Rufus is April’s half-sibling, their relationship, along with Rufus’ relationship with his other half-sibling and his father, is a bit strained. He is often looked down upon by them because it was never their intent to have him with someone such as his mother. Rufus and his mother are also living under the poverty line, and there is a discussion on that, which made the story more enjoyable for me.

WHITE RABBIT is a book I would strongly recommend for those who want to get into thrillers. With its engaging storytelling and compelling characters, WHITE RABBIT will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. It is an amazing murder mystery novel that features a male-male romance and dark themes of violence.

Reviewed by Marco M., Teen Board Member on April 26, 2018

White Rabbit
by Caleb Roehrig