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Windwitch: A Witchlands Novel


Windwitch: A Witchlands Novel

Revisit Susan Dennard’s world of TRUTHWITCH with the highly-anticipated sequel, WINDWITCH. In the thrilling second novel we experience just as much action, angst, incredible characters and even more world building. Picking up after the events of the first novel, we find our beloved characters split up and fighting to save their own skin. Prince Merik, recovering from an explosion that destroyed his ship, is believed to be dead to the rest of the world and is determined to prove his sister was the reason. Iseult and the Bloodwitch Aeduan discover that together they can help each other with their pursuits --- Iseult’s being to recover Safi from the grasps of the Empress of Marstok, who are both barely surviving after a surprise attack and shipwreck.

"WINDWITCH truly exceeded my expectations and wants, making me crave the next installment. The world is refreshing and the characters are...amazing...."

WINDWITCH definitely did not disappoint, leaving me wanting more the moment I finished reading the final word. Compared to the first novel, I think it was definitely a knockout! Both were outstanding but I’m glad that WINDWITCH didn’t suffer from “Second Book Syndrome.” The world that Dennard has created is sometimes hard to keep up with --- I’m sure if you read TRUTHWITCH you’ve caught on to that aspect --- but we definitely got more information on many more of the cities in this novel to smooth things out. We also learned about important people in the past that are almost god-like to the citizens of many of those cities which I highly enjoyed.

I am continually finding myself adoring Dennard’s writing style for these novels. Each chapter we usually hear from a new character’s point-of-view which --- in my opinion --- made the story move along faster and made me not want to put down the book. Every time I would finish a chapter I would be excited to move in to another character’s head (definitely not in a weird way, I promise) and pick up again with their storyline. I think out of all five of our main characters, my favorite to read from was definitely Iseult or Aeduan. There is so much angst between the two and I just wanted to forcefully shove their faces at each other because I ship them way too much for it to be healthy.

Another key element in this novel that I highly loved was the girl power displayed in the female characters. One of the new characters we get a point-of-view from is Vivia, Merik’s older sister, and although some of the decisions she made in the two novels made me want to pull out my hair from frustration, hearing more of her backstory gave me an understanding of her character. She is pretty much the definition of fierce and at the same time has her own insecurities which I think made her more relatable.

WINDWITCH truly exceeded my expectations and wants, making me crave the next installment. The world is refreshing and the characters are their own type of amazing which makes me wish I was a part of their banging squad. Susan Dennard is taking the reins of the genre that is fantasy, making it apparent that she is here to stay and I cannot wait for more of her amazing writing in the future of this series.

Reviewed by Taylor F., Teen Board Member. on January 9, 2017

Windwitch: A Witchlands Novel
(The Witchlands #2)
by Susan Dennard